Four Ways Wedding Planners Stay Sane During Wedding Season

May 2015

Wedding season is the time when a good wedding planner is booked solid. Brides, dresses, budgets, in-laws, OH MY!

Don't pull your hair out. It's too pretty!Simply adopt these 4 rules, and you will breeze through the season like a champ.

#1: Be flexible. A rigid schedule or plan only sets you up for failure and disappointment. Build some 'cushion' into your day. If the bride shows up late or the caterers drop the fingerfoods, an extra few minutes will be invaluable to you.

#2: Be organized: While an iron clad schedule is stressful, so is not having one at all. Don't miss appointments or forget to follow up on phone calls because of bad planning. And PLEASE don't double book! Utilize your smartphone and plan your days ahead of time, and be as logistically frugal as possible. Need to meet 2 different brides at the same church? Do it back to back, instead of running across town twice. A little time management goes a long way.

#3: Be healthy: Wedding season is the worst time to not feel your best. Get plenty of sleep (or as much as you can), eat healthy, and drink lots of water. Feeling your best will help you cope when (not if) an emergency arises.

#4: SMILE: This is what you were meant to do! Enjoy it, and remember, it is all worth it.

Wedding season may make you feel like you are going insane, however, by keeping these tips in mind, you will be through the mad house in no time.