Four Smart Ways Attorneys Can Use Pay-Per-Click Marketing To Increase Business

December 2014

Pay per click marketing is an excellent way to build your client base if it's utilized correctly. On the other hand, a pay per click marketing campaign that is poorly planned can be just like lighting cash on fire.

Attorneys can benefit greatly by adding pay per click marketing to the other advertising avenues, but only if it is thoughtfully managed. Here are 4 smart ways attorneys can use pay-per-click marketing to increase business.

#1: To get noticed. Sponsored results account for 64% of clicks. A pay per click marketing campaign shows ads in two different places. One is when an ad shows up at the top of a search, above all the results from the organic search. The second place is on a website that sells ad space (think about the banner ads that you have noticed while shopping or reading news on the web). It all depends on the keywords you choose. This is a strong marketing tool in that it drives people who are looking for an attorney to your website.

#2: To level the playing field. In most cases, an attorney will be facing stiff competition. A pay per click campaign can help to gain the potential client's attention. A solidly built campaign with specific keywords relevant to your client base can set you up to appear at the top of the search, allowing the person searching to see your ad first, and clicking through to you! 

#3: To target a specific audience. Other forms of advertising- billboards and radio spots, for example- throw it all out there to anyone who sees it. Pay per click marketing is much more strategic. The keywords you choose are analyzed, and your ad also will appear on sites that relate to your keyword. If your target audience is a person needing a divorce attorney, your ad may appear on a website offering information on how to cope after a divorce. (This is just an example). Being set up this way allows pay per click marketing campaigns to be in front of the people most likely to click on them.

#4: To round out your advertising efforts. Don't slack on building an SEO optimized website just because you are utilizing pay-per-click marketing. Pay per click marketing complements your SEO efforts, and makes certain your message reaches as many potential clients as possible. 

A well thought out marketing plan can show strong ROI by enabling you to target potential clients who are moving toward the decision stage. 

If your would like to learn how pay per click marketing can be an effective part of your overall marketing strategy, contact us.