Time Is Marching On, Right Across My Face

April 2014

I am now 44, and I must ask: How did that happen!? Who is this middle aged broad in the mirror, and why is she wearing my earrings?

Now, I’ve been a large woman most of my life, so I bit that bullet long ago. But one of the few benefits of being extra plump is nice skin. I guess the fat fills out the wrinkles.

Anyway, back to my point. Aging is a real nasty bitty. Tiny lines and saggy skin are sneaking up on me in the middle of the night.

And I am declaring war!

I will be talking about several of my ‘weapons’ to fight aging over the next few weeks, from eye cream to cleanser. Today, the product I’m impressed with is the Oil of Olay Pro X brush.

Wowsa! I have never used a brush as part of my skin care regimen, and it is fabulous. The bristles are soft and there are 2 speeds, and it can be used in the shower. It gets my skin so much cleaner! And it may my imagination, but my moisturizer feels like it penetrates better, which leaves my skin extra soft.

I am a believer!

And a great big cherry on top is the price, at around $30, is way cheaper than some of the name brand brushes.

So wrinkles beware. This chubby girl is coming for you!