Jewelry, Rings, and Blingy Things

July 2014

I love me some jewelry. Expensive stuff, cheap stuff, really cheap stuff, I adore it all.

Earrings and necklaces are my favorites. Bracelets are not as important to me, but I like them, too. 

I basically do not pour coffee or go to the mailbox without earrings. If you ever see me without them, just know that something is REALLY wrong!

Now, rings are a different story. I like the look of them, but I find that I don’t wear them very often. I have purchased several over the years, but I think they are too big for my chubby hands. And, as the purpose of jewelry is to make you feel fabulous, feeling like I have ‘fat hands’ has never motivated me to wear rings.

I have decided to get on the ring wearing wagon!

I sell Silpada Silver jewelry, and they have some awesomely designed rings.

So, I set out to find some smaller rings. Now, this is no easy task, as when it comes to jewelry I like for Google Earth to be able to see mine. I sat down with the newest Silpada catalog and looked at all the rings that were available, to see what called me. 

Success! I found an emerald cut garnet that looked like it would fit the bill. $64 and 3 days later, that sparkly baby was mine!

I think I have hit on something with this smaller ring idea. The smaller band is very comfortable, and I don’t have the finger muffintop hangover that  I seem to get with my bigger rings. 

I love my new ring! I wear it almost everyday, and have gotten several compliments.

It seems a love affair with rings has begun…..