Fetching with Fluffy: Six Fun Games to Play with Your Dog


Fetching with Fluffy: Six Fun Games to Play with Your Dog

Let’s face it! Dogs need a ton of exercise. A inactive dog can end up dealing with obesity, stiff joints, and boredom that results in acting out (remember the flower bed he dug up last year?)

If you are too busy to walk your pooch for an hour each day, head to the backyard for some fun activities that will engage your dog, burn off their energy, and increase their agility and confidence.

Here are six fun games to play with your dog.

#1: Easter egg hunt.

This fun game can be played either in or outside. Take a few of your dog’s favorite treats and break them in half. Hide them either around the house or around your yard. Call your dog to you and help him find the first one. Say “find it” or “hide and seek.” Praise him every time he finds one.

#2: Name tag.

This is big fun for the entire family. Each member gets a few small treats and goes to different rooms of the house, or different parts of the yard. Have each person call the dog’s name, one at a time. When he comes, give him a treat and praise him, then the other person calls his name. He gets tons of exercise and learns to come at the same time.

#3: Beach towel bounce.

Work on your dog’s agility with this fun maze. Roll up some beach towels, or regular towels or blankets, and place them around the house or yard. Walk you dog through the maze once or twice, then position him at one side and you at the other. Call him and watch him “bounce” over the hurdles toward you. Of course, give him a treat and some love when he gets to you.

#4: The Bubble Jump.

Buy some pet safe bubbles and blow them in the yard. Your canine buddy will have fun and get exercise by “hunting,” chasing and biting them.

#5: Frisbee.

Fetch is fun, but can get boring. Liven it up with a frisbee. They catch air and go further, giving your pet more exercise per throw.

#6: Toy chase.

Invest in a long retractable leash and fasten it to your dog’s favorite toy. Pull out the leash, throw the toy, and watch him run to get it. When he gets to it, retract the leach and he will chase it with the fervor of a wolf chasing a rabbit. This game can go on until you pooch is pooped!

Games help your dog stay active both mentally and physically, feel challenged, and help the entire family feel more involved with their pet. Who knows, you may even lose a pound yourself!

~Don't have a dog? Think about adopting from the animal shelter, as there are tons of smart, active dogs that need homes. Or, volunteer at the shelter and play these games to help stimulate and socialize a shelter pet.